The Hollywood Sign: a Perfect (Hiking) Path to a Successful Date

Become a Part of the Action in Hollywood FOR FREE.

Want to be a part of movie history?  Or at least feel like you are?  Then journey to the iconic Hollywood Sign, located on the scenic Santa Monica mountain range.

Constructed in the 1920s, the Hollywood Sign stands among the city’s most recognized landmarks.  With 45-foot white letters towering over 4200 acres of parkland, the sign is emblematic of a bygone time in cinematic history.  

So what are you waiting for?  Grab your duffle bag, throw on your hiking boots, grab your camera, and you’re one step closer to achieving ever-sought-after Hollywood fame, and a romantic endeavor with that special someone.

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Here are three types of hikes to the Hollywood sign based on your desired time of day and level of intensity.

Whether your character type is that of Sheldon Cooper or Tom Cruise, scientific nature lovers and thrill seekers alike have a starring role along one of the three hollywood trails.

Morning March

Early morning workouts can be a let-down.  All the broken promises–of waking up early when the alarm goes off and getting a quick exercise out of the way –can catch up to you.  Especially when this exhaustion has to be suffered alone.

Why not avoid the hassle by doing something invigorating and inclusive.  Wake your date up early, and go for a hike along the longest of trails.  Brush Canyon Trail stretches along some 6.4 miles of chaparral greenery, providing new breath-taking views of Los Angeles with each pace.

This route is the longest; yet it is also the easiest.  If you are looking for a “main attraction,” so to speak, this is what we recommend.

If you must plan every minute detail, hikespeak has broken this venture down step by step, and hollywoodsignhikes has excellent directions to reach the entrance trail from the freeway.

Afternoon Alternatives

If you are not up for the sunrise stroll, or if you are not up to a daylong affair, there is still hope.  We’ve made the solution.  Now all you have to do is be honest with yourself.  Are you up for a challenge?

NO?  That’s what we thought.  Don’t worry.  The Hollyridge Trail allows you and your significant other to enjoy a brisk 3.5-mile extravaganza that spits you both out in front of the lettering.  Not only will you have the panoramic sights of the city of angels, but also the front face of the Sign.

Is your date into photography?  Well, this trail makes for a great picture (one more way she will remember you if this is a first date)!

YES?  You daredevil, you.  The Wonder View Trail is rated pg-13 by LAist, an informative website about Los Angeles.  It is not surprising that this hike is almost always less crowded.  Though it is only a short distance (3 miles), the hike is vigorous and requires some sort of gear — be it a hiking pole or pair of hiking shoes.  It’s basically the dumbed-down version of Mount Everest, with the added benefit of extreme heat (no part of this route is under canopy).

But, if you insist, LAist’s guide to the Wonder View Trail will get you there; but you are responsible for your aches and pains the following day(s).

And…that’s a wrap!

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